Sportz Village Academies provides high quality coaching to children in multiple sports. Our qualified coaches equipped with technology, teach sports skills that help kids move up a well-defined sports pathway. Here, kids get more opportunities to play real tournaments, with focus on overall development and achieving a great sports journey.

And what’s more! it's held during the after-school hours! So, kids - pull up your socks - your favorite sport is waiting for you at Sportz Village Academies!

Only Talent is not enough

With the right coaching and care, your child can achieve excellence.

EDGE (for providing the BEST sports coaching)

Experience Technical Directors

Accredited coaches

Skill and Fitness Assessment

Matchplay | Tournaments

Matchplay | Tournaments

CARE (for providing the BEST care while coaching)

COVID safety protocols

Fun happy space

Opportunity for all

Zero-tolerance policy (bullying, skill shaming)

Zero-tolerance policy (bullying, skill shaming)